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Wahoo Kickr Core Smart Trainer - Show model - B-Stock

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Used product - Show model with usage marks We used this Kickr Core as show model, so there are... more
Wahoo Kickr Core Smart Trainer - Show model - B-Stock

Used product - Show model with usage marks

We used this Kickr Core as show model, so there are some usage marks. Fully functional. There are the whole 2 years of warranty.

Cassette Installation Service

The Wahoo Kickr Core does not come with a cassette. In addition to a cassette you also need the appropriate tools for mounting the cassette on the Kickr Core.

Our service: We are happy to mount a cassette for you on the Wahoo Kickr Core, so you can start training right away! Simply select the appropriate cassette for your bike in the options. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Highlights and Downsides

  • robust and stable construction
  • up to 1800 watts and 16% gradient
  • power measurement (± 2%)
  • virtually silent operation
  • works with many bike computers and smartphones (ANT+ & Bluetooth)
  • compatible with third-party platforms such as Zwift, BKOOL, Rouvy, Trainerroad and many others
  • setup via Wahoo Fitness App (iOS & Android)
  • comes without cassette
  • not compatible with Shimano MicroSpline cassettes

The new Kickr Core Smart Trainer from Wahoo offers professional indoor training at a reasonable price. Based on the proven Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer, the Wahoo Core Trainer offers the ride feel of the Kickr (through proven flywheel technology) in a sleeker design.

Compatible bikes

You can use the vast majority of racing and triathlon bikes, gravel bikes and MTBs with tire sizes from 24 to 29 inches with the Kickr Core. The Core is compatible with bike with quick release and with 12x142 and 12x148 thru axles.
Generally not compatible, however, are single speed bikes / fixies, track bikes and recumbents. The Canyon Ultimate with rim brakes is also not compatible.

Compatible cassettes

The cassette issue can be really confusing.... There are different freehubs (HG, XD, XDR, MircoSpline), number of sprockets (7-speed to 12-speed) and sprocket gradations. If in doubt: Just ask us! We are happy to help.

7- and 8-speed cassettes: There are too many variants here. In general, it works but we recommend that you let the right cassette be installed in the workshop of your choice.

9- and 10-speed cassettes: Works without any problems. First comes the supplied 1.8mm spacer on the freehub of the Kickr, so that the cassette can be mounted without any play.

11-speed cassettes: The Kickr comes with an economy 11-speed cassette in the graduation of 11-28. In theory, the is compatible with all 11-speed groups - in addition to Shimano and Sram road groups also with 11-speed MTB and Campagnolo groups. We will gladly mount a higher quality 11-speed cassette that fits your group.

Shimano 12-speed Road: The 12-speed cassettes of the road bike groups (105, Ultegra 8100, Dura Ace 9200) also fit onto the freewheel of the Kickr without any problems.

Shimano 12-speed MTB (MicroSpline): MicroSpline cassettes do not fit onto the Kickrs freehub. There is also no adapter for it. The following series use the MicroSpline technology: SLX M7100, XT M8100, XTR M9100.
Nevertheless, MTBs with Shimanos 12-speed groups can be used with the Kickr. The workaround is the Sram NX Eagle PG1230 12-speed cassette. It fits onto the freehub body of the Kickr.

SRAM 12-speed Road (XDR): Wahoo offers a custom XD/XDR freehub body to mount the cassettes on the Kickr V6.

SRAM 11- and 12-speed MTB (XD):Wahoo offers a custom XD/XDR freehub body to mount the cassettes on the Kickr V6.

Campagnolo cassettes: Wahoo offers a custon Campagnolo freehub body, with which most Campagnolo 10-, 11- and 12-speed cassettes can be mounted.

Cassette installation service

We will gladly mount the right cassette on the Wahoo Kickr Core for you, so that you can start training right after unpacking! Simply select the right cassette for your bike in the options. The number of sprockets is more important than the manufacturer and the series. For example, the Shimano HG50 9-speed cassette is compatible with all 9-speed groups from the Shimano (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) and also with the 9-speed groups from Sram and Campagnolo. If in doubt: Just ask us! We will be happy to help you.

We offer the installation of the following cassettes:

Shimano HG50 9-speed: all 9-speed groups (Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo)
Shimano 105 5700 10-speed : all 10-speed groups but Campagnolo (Shimano, Sram)
Shimano 105 R7000 11-speed: all 11-speed Schaltungen (Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo)
Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-speed: all 11-speed Schaltungen (Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo)
Shimano Ultegra R8100 12-speed: Shimano 12-speed Road (R8100, R9200)
Sram NX Eagle PG1230 12-speed: Sram and Shimano 12-speed MTB
Sram Force XG1270 12-speed: Sram 12-speed XDR Road (Rival, Force, Red)
Sram Eagle XG1275 12-speed: Sram 12-speed XD MTB

Construction and design

The frame of the Wahoo Kickr Core is made of sturdy steel. This ensures that your Kickr will stay in place and withstand years of use, even at high wattages. The 5.4kg flywheel is a major factor to the realistic ride feel, as it maintains momentum when you stop pedalling. Energy is also required to accelerate the flywheel - just as if you were riding outdoors.


With Bluetooth and ANT+, the Kickr Core pairs with most devices and apps. Zwift, TrainerRoad and other applications work with the Kickr Core. Pairing a PC or laptop via Bluetooth is problematic in some cases. Wahoo's ANT+ adapter for laptop and PC can help.

Compatible bike computers, smartphones and apps

The Kickr Core is compatible with many devices. Thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, you can use all common bike computers or smartphones, as well as all common trainer apps. You can find an overview of supported app here.

Kickr Workout Modes

In the Wahoo Fitness app, you have the following workout modes to choose from for the Kickr Core:

Level: Similar to a classic trainer, the faster you go, the more strenuous it becomes.
Resistance: You can set the braking resistance between 0 and 100%.
ERG: You can set the power. The Kickr will adjust the resistance accordingly to keep the power constant regardless of speed and cadance.
SIM: Based on your weight, bike type, riding position, wind, and incline/decline, Kickr adjusts the resistance as if you were riding outdoors.

Brake unit

The Kickr Core's electronic braking unit can generate up to 1800W of braking resistance and simulate gradients of up to 16%. The accuracy of the wattage measurement is ± 2%. However, this requires the Kickr Core to be calibrated occasionally.

Noise level

Classic trainers used to be noisy and were responsible for many a neighborhood dispute. Compared to the competition, the Wahoo Kickr Core is very quiet. In the current model, the flywheel has been optimized to provide an even better ride. It uses the same drive belt as the Kickr V6. You mostly hear the chain whizzing over the chainring and sprockets. This makes the Kickr Core suitable even for light-hearted apartments and houses. And it makes your own workout much more pleasant.


The accuracy of the power measurement of the Kickr Core is ± 2%. Only total power is measured. The left-right distribution or cycling dynamics can therefore not be displayed. In our test with different power meters on the Kickr Core, the values were very close.


The Kickr Core does not have its own cadence sensor. However, after a firmware update some time ago, the Kickr Core can now calculate the cadence. This works surprisingly well.

Spindown calibration

For accurate power measurement, the Kickr Core must be calibrated occasionally every 2-3 weeks. The function is called "Spindown". This is done by accelerating the bike on the Kickr to a virtual speed of 36km/h. While the flywheel is coasting to a stop, the Kickr Core calibrates itself.

Kickr Core assembly

The Kickr Core comes well packed in a large package. Before you can start training, the Kickr Core must be fully assembled. For this purpose, the legs have to be attached to the frame with screws. The tools for this are included. Unless you want to use our cassette installation service, a cassette must be installed on the freehub body of the Core. This requires special tools. Finally, the adapters specific to your bike for quick release or thru axles are installed and then you're ready to go. Here is the link to the assembly instructions from Wahoo.

Wahoo accessories

Matching the Wahoo Kickr V6 there are some accessories from the Wahoo universe to make the riding experience even more realistic. With the Kickr Climb, slopes can be simulated realistically. The Kickr Headwind provides a cooling breeze. With the height-adjustable Kickr Desk, you have the screen at an optimal distance.


We have had very good experiences with the Kickr Core. The design is well thought out and the construction has proven to be very robust. The complaint rate is very low.

Warranty and Support

The Wahoo Kickr Core comes with a 2 year warranty. Wahoo is based in the US, the Kickr Core is manufactured in China. Wahoo also has a base in Germany, which is responsible for sales and support. The support is very good and extremely customer-oriented. If there is ever a problem, we have a direct line to Wahoo and can help you quickly.



51 x 58 x 48cm (LxWxH), folded: 23 x 58 x 53cm

Total Weight:


Wireless Technology:

ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth Smart (iOS, Android)

Hub Types:

130/135mm QR and 142x12mm (with adapter)

Max breaking power:




Max virtual incline:


Resistance untit:


Firmware Updates:

via Wahoo Fitness App

Compatible software and apps:

Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Rouvy, FulGaz, Kinomap, Bkool, Skuga and others

Max. User Weight:


In the pack

✔ Wahoo KICKR Core Trainer
✔ optional: cassette installation service incl. selected cassette
✔ Axis feet - soft, medium, hard
✔ Power supply
✔ Adapters for thru axles
✔ Quick release
✔ Spacer for hydraulic brakes
✔ Manual

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