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SRM Shimano MTB PM9

SRM Shimano MTB PM9
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Power meter is manufactured exclusively by SRM Germany. Delivery within 2-3 weeks after order.

Chain rings:


PC8 Bundle:

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The SRM PM9 MTB power meter for Shimano XTR, XT and SLX cranks. Delivery without cranks! The... more
SRM Shimano MTB PM9

The SRM PM9 MTB power meter for Shimano XTR, XT and SLX cranks. Delivery without cranks! The current Shimano MTB groupsets and cranks are among the most widely used solutions in the MTB sector. The SRM power meter for Shimano fits both the ultra-light XTR crank, as well as their little brothers, the XT and SLX cranks. The power meter is compatible with Absolute Black chainrings.

With the latest generation, the SRM power meter has ANT+ and also Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Smart) and is thus compatible with many bike computers and smartphones.

Each SRM power meter is produced exclusively and custom made to order in the SRM factory in Jülich near Cologne - this results in a delivery time of about 2-3 weeks.

Highlights and Downsides

  • dual-sided power measurement with high accuracy (± 1%)
  • Gold standard of power measurement
  • 1400h operating time with battery or 100h+ with rechargeable battery
  • magnetless cadence measurement
  • modular design - chainrings and crank arms can be combined freely
  • excellent durability
  • automatic temperature compensation
  • left-right distribution
  • works with many bike computers and smartphones (ANT+ & Bluetooth)
  • 2-3 weeks delivery time - power meter is custom made to customer specifications
  • hard to swap between different bikes

SRM power meter in the 9th generation

SRM (Schoberer Rad Messtechnik) was founded in 1986 by engineer Ulrich Schoberer. The power meter he developed and patented was the first of its kind and revolutionized training and competition in professional cycling. SRM's constant development and refinement of its patent has resulted in the 9th generation crank-based power meter. This keeps SRM at the cutting edge of technology and is still considered the gold standard of power measurement.

Dual-sided measurement

The 9th generation SRM power meter sits in the crank spider. It uses a combination of angle and torque measurement. As a result, it now has a higher accuracy at low cadence, also the use of oval chainrings (Q-rings) is no problem. The measurement of the left and right leg is not completely independent as with a pedal-based power meter. The force from the crank spider to the chainrings is measured. However, thanks to intelligent algorithms, the left-right distribution and the combined "pedal smoothness" can still be displayed. Especially with muscular imbalances, one is at an advantage with both-sided systems.

Compatible bike computers and smartphones

ANT+ capable bike computers (Garmin, Wahoo, O-Synce, Sigma, SRM, etc.) work without problems with the SRM power meter. Since the data transmission also takes place via Bluetooth Smart, the power meter can also be paired with smartphones.


The power meter can be supplied optionally with or without chainrings.

Construction and design

The SRM PM9 sits in the crank spider and is well protected there against mechanical influences. SRM power meters are designed to function optimally even under the harshest conditions. Whether in the rain, snow or mud, SRM power meters defy even the most adverse weather conditions. The low-profile design does not allow dirt to penetrate, reduces the overall weight and makes the SRM power meter a long-lasting training partner. The high manufacturing quality (Made in Germany) and use of high-quality materials guarantee high reliability.

Tour tested

SRM has always been very involved in professional cycling. Thus, the PM9 was also used at the Tour and other high-profile bike races and put through its paces.

Battery or rechargeable battery

The SRM PM9 is optionally available with a battery or a rechargeable battery. The battery has an unbeatable operating time of 1400h and thus lasts for many years. After that, the power meter must be sent to SRM for battery replacement. The rechargeable battery allows an operating time of over 100h and can then be recharged through a magnetic plug.


We were able to confirm the measurement accuracy of +-1% with our calibrated Cyclus II ergometer in the laboratory and in comparison with other power meters on the road.


The cadence is determined in the power meter and transmitted to the bike computer or smartphone. An additional cadence sensor or cadence magnet is no longer necessary.

Temperature compensation

If temperatures change, different materials expand differently. This can have a significant impact on the measurement accuracy of a power meter, as the strain gauges react to even the smallest changes. The integrated temperature sensor of the SRM PM9 ensures the highest possible accuracy even under changing weather conditions.


Each individual SRM power meter is individually calibrated at the factory. Something else is the zero calibration (also called "Zero Offset" or "Manual Zero"), which should be done before every ride. This is similar to a scale that also "zeros" itself before weighing. Zero calibration can be done with the bike computer or smartphone.

Oval chainrings

Many power meters have problems with oval chain rings resulting in deviating measurements. Thanks to a combination of angle and torque measurement, the PM9 can now measure with higher accuracy even in situations with very low cadence and oval chainrings no longer affect the measurement.

Setup / Firmware Updates

Unlike other power meters, the SRM power meter does not need to be specially set up or registered. The correct crank length is already stored in the power meter. Firmware updates require the SRM App (Android & iOS) and a smartphone. We recommend to always use the latest firmware of the power meter and the cycling computer.


The SRM Origin Road Carbon PM9 simply replaces the existing crank. When ordering, please make sure to select the correct spindle diameter. In case of doubt, we stand by you with advice and support. Most likely, a readjustment of the front derailleur is also necessary. A true plug 'n play power meter, the SRM PM9 is not. If you want to change your power meter more often between different bikes, then we would advise you to another alternative.


We have had very good experience with the durability of the SRM PM9 power meter. Due to the well-protected location of the power meter, it is well protected against mechanical influences. In a crash, for example, a pedal power meter usually gets something off. Here, the SRM can score.

Warranty and support

The SRM PM9 power meter comes with 2 years warranty. The power meters and cranks are produced by SRM in Germany. The support is very good and customer-oriented. If there ever is a problem, we have a direct line to SRM and can help you quickly.

Optional: PC8 Bundle

The optional PC8 Bundle is the perfect complement for the SRM power meter. You get the SRM Powercontrol 8 bike computer with speed and HR-sensor for an attractive price.

The PC8 is a minimalistic bike computer. The functions are tailored to the needs of athletes. It therefore is very popular and frequently encountered in the pro peloton.
The PC8 has a GPS function that can be used to record training or competition. The GPS function can be turned off, as can the backlight - increasing battery life to up to 45 hours.
Thanks to the generous memory of 500MB, approximately 4000 hours of training and competition can be recorded in the user-friendly .fit format. The built-in motion sensor automatically activates the PC8 as soon as the ride is started.
Up to four different bike profiles can be created, eliminating the hassle of pairing with different power meters on different bikes. The display is freely configurable.

Included in the bundle are heart rate belt and speed sensor.


Sensor Location:

crank spider


± 1%

Battery Life:

1400h battery; >100h rechargeable battery

Wireless Technology:

ANT+, Bluetooth LE

Compatible Software:

Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others

Available chain rings:

32, 34, 36, 38

In the pack

✔ SRM Shimano MTB power meter
✔ optional: chain ring
✔ optional: PC8 bundle

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