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Wahoo Powrlink Zero SINGLE

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The Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single is a power meter based on the popular Speedplay pedals. The... more
Wahoo Powrlink Zero SINGLE

The Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single is a power meter based on the popular Speedplay pedals. The Single version offers a left-sided power measurement with low weight and high accuracy.

The Powrlink Zero single-sided pedal powermeter provides reliable power and cadence data in a race-proven system pedal. Lab-tested accuracy that measures all training efforts.

Power Measurement:
Power is measured in the left pedal. If your legs are about equal in strength and there is no muscular imbalance, this one-sided type of measurement is sufficient to obtain realistic values.

With an internal gyroscope, the Powrlink Zero determines the cadence.

The flat cleat profile and rubber texture provide more stability while walking. The cleats are mounted on the bottom of the shoe. They can be adjusted forward-backward, left-right and rotating to achieve the optimal cleat position. The lateral range of motion can be adjusted from 0-15° - no other pedal system offers this. This range of motion for the foot, lower leg and knee increases comfort and improves pedaling efficiency.

The integration of the pedal and the pedal plate provides the greatest possible ground clearance. Thus, you can ride at a higher angle leaning on the bike through turns without hitting the ground with the pedal.

Powrlink Zero pedals offer uncompromising durability and minimal maintenance thanks to stainless steel construction and a triple-sealed bearing.

POWRLINK ZERO can connect to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and share data with an unlimited number of ANT+ devices.

Battery Life:
The rechargeable battery lasts up to 75 hrs for even the longest rides. When the battery is low, a warning is displayed on the bike computers, the Wahoo Fitness app or by the LED on the pedal.

Temperature compensation and automatic calibration:
Powerlink Zero pedals deliver accurate power measurement regardless of temperature. The pedals automatically calibrate to the current temperature before the ride begins, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.


Sensor Location:

left pedal


± 1%



Battery Life:

up to 75h


rechargeable lithium-ion

Wireless Technology:

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart

Firmware Upgrades:

yes, via Bluetooth Smart



Water resistance:


In the pack

✔ Wahoo Powrlink Zero SINGLE power meter pedals (left)
✔ Right pedal without electronics
✔ Standard Tension Cleats
✔ Charging cable with clip
✔ 2x washers
✔ Spacer
✔ Manual  

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