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Stages Bike SB20 Smart Bike

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The Stages SB20 Smart Bike is an indoor bike with extensive connectivity with virtual training... more
Stages Bike SB20 Smart Bike

The Stages SB20 Smart Bike is an indoor bike with extensive connectivity with virtual training platforms such as ZWIFT, Trainerroad and many others. The Stages Bike is in a league of its own in the smart bike market when it comes to stability. The maintenance-free carbon belt ensures an almost silent indoor experience. The bike can be perfectly adjusted to your riding position and has an integrated dual-sided power measurement with a Stages LR power meter.

Highlights and Downsides

  • very high stability (even during sprints)
  • robust construction and good durability
  • perfect position adjustment
  • dual-sided power measurement with high accuracy (± 1,5%)
  • works with many bike computers and smartphones (ANT+ & Bluetooth)
  • compatible with third-party platforms like Zwift, BKOOL, Rouvy, Trainerroad and others
  • irtual shifting via individually configurable switching buttons
  • setup via Stages app (iOS & Android)
  • high weight (63kg)
  • power meter needs additional batteries (2x CR2032)
  • super stable but therefore uncomfortable for some riders
  • no haptic feedback when shifting gears

Shipping and delivery

The Stages Bike plays in a league of its own on the smart bike market in terms of stability. This is also reflected in the shipping weight. The total weight of the shipment is about 70kg. Normal parcel refuse to transport such a heavy load. We therefore ship the SB20 by a freight company. After purchasing the bike, we will contact you by phone or email to coordinate the shipment with you.

The company delivers the SB20 on a pallet to the curb. For a tip, the employees of the freight company are often willing to bring the bike to its installation site inside the house or apartment. However, we recommend that two people be present when the bike is delivered. 


2 people are needed to assemble the SB20. The following video gives a good overview of the assembly:

Construction and design

The Stages SB20 Bike is built to last. The frame is made of a high-strength steel. The mounting parts are made of stainless steel. The carbon belt that transmits the power of your legs to the flywheel is completely maintenance free. Stages gives a 10-year warranty on the carbon drive belt and frame. The flywheel weighs in at a whopping 23kg, making for an extremely realistic riding experience. The Stages SB20 is infinitely adjustable over a wide range. This allows everyone to quickly set their optimal riding position. Stages specifies the ideal body height of the rider with 1.47m to 2.08m. The maximum rider weight is 136kg. The brake unit is generously dimensioned and offers resistance up to a power of 2200W - even track sprinters get their money's worth. And even during sprints, the SB20 is absolutely stable - nothing wobbles here!


The solid construction also has its downsides. The SB20 weighs in at 63 kg. Thanks to the wheels on the front cross support, the bike can be maneuvered quite comfortably in the room. However, two people are definitely needed for assembly or when climbing stairs.

Noise level

The Stages SB20 is very quiet. The flywheel is not driven by a conventional chain, but by a maintenance-free carbon belt. This makes the SB20 almost noiseless even at high resistances and can be ridden without any problems in light-hearted apartments. Stages gives a 10-year warranty on the carbon belt.


Simulation Mode: An application such as ZWIFT, Trainer Road or Sufferfest controls the resistance of the brake unit. Thus, incline, air resistance, rolling resistance or slipstream riding can be simulated.

ERG Mode: An application controls and sets the power. The power level is adjusted depending on the cadence, so that you train in your specified power range.

Manual Mode: In manual mode, you can change gears with the shift keys to change the braking resistance while riding - just like the real deal when riding down the road. In manual mode, the incline is set at 2%. The selected gear and the cadence change the resistance.

Connectivity / Compatible cycling computers and smartphones

The SB20 Smart Bike is optimized for the most popular indoor cycling platforms, such as ZWIFT, Trainer Road, Sufferfest and others. Data transmission takes place via ANT+ and Bluetooth. The built-in Stages LR Powermeter is compatible with all ANT+ enabled bike computers and smartphones with Bluetooth Smart.

Here is a short video on how to set up the Stages SB20 with Zwift:

Power measurement

The power measurement takes place via a Stages LR Powermeter installed on the cranks. The power of the left and right leg are measured completely separately from each other. The LR power meter has an accuracy of +-1.5%. It is powered by one CR2032 button cell per crank arm. One set of batteries is sufficient for 175h operating time. The Stages LR power meters are very reliable and have been tested at the Tour de France.

Riding position

The Stages SB20 can be adjusted steplessly over a wide range. Thus, almost everyone finds an optimal riding position. The best way is to measure your existing bike and transfer the values (saddle height, distance to the handlebars, etc.) to the SB20. Other family members can also use the SB20, because the position can be adjusted to the millimeter without tools in just a few steps using the scales on the SB20. The SB20 is also compatible with time trial or triathlon attachments.

Crank length

The crank installed on the SB20 has four different pedal threads. Thus, you have the choice between 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm crank length.

Gearshift and gear ratios

The SB20 Smart Bike is equipped with brake levers, integrated shift buttons and separate gearshift options for sprint intervals. There are no limits to personal taste - the operation of each shifter button can be programmed individually.

Holders for smartphones and tablets

The Stages SB20 comes without an integrated display. However, it has holders for smartphones and tablets. There are also two USB ports, which can be used to charge smartphones and tablets.


We have had good experiences with durability with Stages in general and with the SB20 in particular. The Smart Bike is built to last! Stages, as a manufacturer of professional spinning bikes for gyms, has a lot of experience in the field, which comes into full play with the SB20. In the first series, there was occasionally the problem that the flywheel came into contact with the cover of the drive unit and thus caused noise. However, Stages has since made improvements here. The firmware of the bike and the power meter is constantly updated and improved.

Warranty and support

Stages gives a self-confident warranty of 10 years on the frame and the carbon belt drive. The other components and the installed Stages power meter come with a 2 years warranty. The Stages SB20 is manufactured in the USA in Boulder, Colorado. However, Stages also has a location in Germany, which is responsible for sales and support in Europe. The support is very good and extremely customer oriented. If there is ever a problem, we have a direct line to Stages Europe and can help you quickly.



120cm length x 56cm width x 124 height

Total weight:


Wireless technology:

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (iOS, Android)


Gates® Carbon Drive™



Max power:

2200W at 130 rpm

Max virtual gradient:



± 1,5%



Firmware updates:

wireless via the Stages App

Power meter:

dual-sided Stages Power LR



Crank length: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

Max user weight:


Recommended user height:

1.47m - 2.08m

In the pack

✔ Stages SB20 Smart Bike
✔ Stages LR Power Power Meter
✔ Crank (165-175mm)
✔ Brake levers with shifter buttons
✔ Manual

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