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The first Assioma power meters were delivered by Favero and we had the opportunity to test an Assioma DUO. Does the successor to bePRO succeed in what it promises? In our short test, you will find that:
Today, Favero has announced the Assioma Powermeter as the successor of the bePRO pedals. Favero wants to continue and improve the principle of the bePRO Powermeter under the illustrious name Assioma.
The bePRO Power Meter by Favero Electronics has been on the market for over a year. High time to reflect on experiences of the more than 1,000 bePRO and bePRO S Pedalpower meters sold to date. The initial concerns that a new power meter from a manufacturer with no experience in this market would have many problems, especially at the beginning, have not materialized, fortunately.
Until now, the P1 pedals were only available as a two-sided system. Well, PowerTap has caught up the trend and brought, with the PowerTap P1S, a single-sided system.
Finally! The new Stages carbon crank power meters for FSA 386Evo and SRAM BB30 are here.
The new Stages Gen2 power meters are available. The electronics didn't change much, the effort was put into the redesign of the housing, which now has a lower profile.
One year after launching the much-anticipated Vector powermeter pedal, Garmin introduced the Vector’s little brother – the Vector S – on this year’s Eurobike. Before officially delivering the first units, Garmin sent us a Vector S system for testing purpose.