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Stages Power L - Shimano 105 R7000 Gen3

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  • SW10820.4
The Stages Power L Shimano 105 R7000 power meter is a single-sided power meter for cranks... more
Stages Power L - Shimano 105 R7000 Gen3

The Stages Power L Shimano 105 R7000 power meter is a single-sided power meter for cranks of the Shimano R7000 series. It measures the power on the left crank arm. The Stages power meter is now available in the 3rd generation. It is positioned discretely on the inner side of the left crank arm, weighing in at a mere 15g.

It's accurate (±1.5%) and easy to install. Stages L power meters always come mounted to the left crank arm. So all you have to do is find the model which is compatible with your existing crank set and simply swap the left crank arm.

For 105 R7000 riders Stages offers a power meter as a replacement non-drive crank arm for existing 105 model cranks. Riders looking to add power to their existing crank need only select length, as the Stages Power meter for 105 fits all styles of Shimano road crankset, including: compact and standard.

For mounting the Stages Power L 105 you need the TL-FC16 tool.

Highlights and Downsides

  • single-sided power measurement with high accuracy (± 1.5%)
  • 200h battery life with a CR2032
  • integrated cadence measurement
  • very low weight (adds only 15g to the crank arm)
  • excellent durability
  • automatic temperature compensation
  • easy to swap between bikes
  • compatible with all Shimano Hollowtech II road cranksets (105 plus Ultegra, Dura Ace)
  • works with many bike computers and smartphones (ANT+ & Bluetooth)
  • only left-sided measurement
  • compatible only with Shimano Hollowtech II road cranksets
  • TL-FC16 tool needed for installation

Single-sided measurement

With the Stages Power L, only the left crank arm is equipped with measurement electronics. The power is doubled to estimate the total power. Staying in your training zones or pacing a long climb or a triathlon usually works very well with a single-sided power meter. It becomes more difficult when one leg is significantly stronger than the other. Then the total power deviates. The Stages Power L is therefore particularly suitable for riders who can do without the few last percent of accuracy.

Compatible bikes and cranks

The power meter is mounted on the inside of the crank arm. Therefore, 10mm space is required between the crank arm and frame. With direct-mount brakes it is often too tight. You can check with a 10mm allen wrench whether a Stages power meter fits onto your bike. In the power meter area, the 10mm allen wrench must fit between the frame and crank arm:

Stages Clearance Check

The special thing about Shimano: the Stages Shimano 105 R7000 power meter fits not only to cranks of the same series, but to all Hollowtech II road cranks (eg Ultegra 8100 or Dura Ace).
Since Shimano gear is most often found on road bikes, the Stages 105 R7000 power meter is ideal for bringing it along to a training camp - provided that the rental bike also has a Hollowtech II road crankset.

Compatible bike computers and smartphones

Thanks to ANT + and Bluetooth Smart, the Stages power meter is compatible with all ANT + enabled bike computers and smartphones with Bluetooth Smart technology. With the 3rd generation transmission strength was increased by factor 6. Even triathlon watches, which were problematic with previous versions, now work seamlessly with the Stages power meter.

Construction and design

The left-sided Stages power meter sits well protected in a flat composite housing on the inside of the left crank arm. Strain gauges detect the slightest deformation of the crank arm due to the force applied to the pedal by the rider. Acceleration sensors are used to determine the cadence. This design makes it both discreet and well protected. Since the Stages power meter is firmly connected to the left crank arm, the crank arm is always included.

Tour tested

Stages has been very involved in professional cycling in recent years. The Stages power meter were thus represented in some Tour teams. In these extreme conditions for man and gear, the Stages power meter could prove itself.


The Stages Shimano 105 R7000 power meter is powered by a standard CR2032 button cell. A battery is sufficient for about 200 hours of operation time. The CR2032 is widely used and inexpensive. It is available at almost every supermarket. The battery can be changed without tools. The LED on the power meter provides information about the battery level.


The actually power meter has a low weight of just 15g. The power meter is firmly connected to the left crank arm. The weight is therefore to be understood as additional weight to the crank arm.


We were able to confirm the accuracy of +-1.5% several times on our calibrated Cyclus II ergometer in the laboratory and in comparison with other power meters on the road. The measurement accuracy must be put into perspective somewhat, since the measurement is only one-sided.


The cadence is determined by means of an accelerometer and an integrated ring laser and transmitted to the bike computer or smartphone. An additional cadence sensor is no longer necessary. Measuring cadence via acceleration sensors has long been a major challenge for engineers. In the 3rd generation of the Stages power meter, it now works perfectly.

Temperature compensation

When temperatures change, different materials expand differently. This can have a significant impact on the measurement accuracy of a power meter, as the strain gauges react to even the smallest changes. The Stages power meter therefore has active temperature compensation (ATC). This means that it delivers precise measurements even when temperatures change.


Each individual Stages power meter is individually calibrated at the factory. Something else is the zero calibration (also called "Zero Offset" or "Manual Zero"), which should be done before every ride. This is similar to a scale that also "zeros" itself before weighing. For zero calibration, the Stages power meter must be active and connected to the bike computer or smartphone. The left crank arm must now point straight down. Now the zero calibration can be performed on the bike computer or smartphone.

Oval chainrings

The measurements of the Stages power meter are distorted by oval chainrings and are usually 4-5% higher than with round chainrings. The more oval the chainrings are, the greater the influence on the power readings.

Setup / Firmware Updates

Unlike other power meters, the Stages power meter does not need to be specially set up or registered. The correct crank length is already stored in the power meter. Firmware updates require the Stages App (Android & IOS) and a smartphone. We recommend always using the latest firmware of the power meter and the cycling computer.


The installation of the Stages power meter is very simple. The left crank arm of your crank is simply replaced by the Stages crank arm. For the Stages Shimano 105 R7000 power meter you need a 5mm allen wrench and the Shimano TL-FC16 crank assembly tool. It's needed to loosen or tighten the bolt that pulls the left crank onto the axle.


We have made good experiences with the durability of the Stages power meter. Due to its placement on the inside of the left crank, the power meter is well protected against mechanical influences. In a crash, for example, a pedal power meter usually gets somewhat beaten up. This is where the Stages can score. The first generation had problems with the housings. The use of an unsuitable composite led to cracks forming in the housing and water being able to get inside. However, these problems have been completely resolved with the 3rd generation. However, it still happens occasionally that water gets inside. This is usually due to an improperly closed battery cover or an improperly fitted sealing ring. When replacing the battery, please make sure that the sealing ring is correctly seated and that the battery lid is fully locked.

Warranty and support

The Stages power meter comes with a 2 year warranty. The Stages power meters are manufactured in the USA in Boulder, Colorado. However, Stages also has a base in Germany, which is responsible for sales and support in Europe. The support is very good and extremely customer friendly. If there is ever a problem, we have a direct line to Stages Europe and can help you quickly.


Sensor Location:

left crank arm


± 1.5%


adds 15gr to left crank arm

Battery Life:

200+ hours (CR2032)

Battery Replacement:

Tool free

Wireless Technology:

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart Ready, NFC

Firmware Upgrades:

yes, wireless

Compatible Software:

Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others

Power Range (Watts):

0 to 2500

Cadence range (rpm):


Crank Compatibility:

Shimano Hollowtech II Road

Available lengths:

165, 170, 172.5, 175mm

Active temperature compensation

Accelerometer based cadence measurement

In the pack

✔ Stages 105 R7000 power meter
✔ Left crank arm
✔ Battery
✔ Manual

Crank manufacturer: Shimano
Carbon or aluminum: Aluminum
Single or double sided: left side
Road or MTB: Road
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Arvis Z.

This is my first power me...

This is my first power meter so cant compare with anything. That said, setup was a breeze.

The service, at first In was hesitating to purchase from as I have never heard of it, but swallowed the bullet and had it in less than a week from Germany to Ireland. Package was brand new.

Klemen K.



Lorenz W.

Very fast delivery. Thank...

Very fast delivery. Thank you

Detelin Z.

Fast delivery...

Fast delivery

Mark W.

Quick and easy order. Rec...

Quick and easy order. Received as ordered. Would use again.

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22 Aug 2023

This is my first power me...

This is my first power meter so cant compare with anything. That said, setup was a breeze.

The service, at first In was hesitating to purchase from as I have never heard of it, but swallowed the bullet and had it in less than a week from Germany to Ireland. Package was brand new.

3 Apr 2023



3 Apr 2023

Very fast delivery. Thank...

Very fast delivery. Thank you

23 Mar 2023

Fast delivery...

Fast delivery

3 Feb 2023

Quick and easy order. Rec...

Quick and easy order. Received as ordered. Would use again.

16 Dec 2022

Great power meter , easy ...

Great power meter , easy to install, with very precise measurements. The best price/value ratio from my point of view

1 Nov 2022

Oft und stark schwankender Zero Offset

Der Zero Offset schwankt zwischen 730 und 920 und muss auch während der Fahrt ständig manuell nachkalibiriert werden. Das scheint eine Ausnahme angesichts der anderen Bewertungen zu sein, aber für mich ist der Powermeter somit eher ein Ärgernis.

26 Sep 2022

all perfect!!

fast delivery, all good

11 Sep 2022

Stages Kurbel Shimano 105

Super Händler mit schneller Rückmeldung. Der Kurbelarm passt an mein Canyon CF SLX aus 2021 und hat viel Abstand. Den Kurbelarm von der XT von meinem Mountainbike hatte ich auch hier bestellt!

20 Jul 2022

Ship on time - only three days for an international delivery.

Stages Power L works well. Only one ride and hope will continue like that :)

23 Jun 2022

Nice experience

Fast delivery and well packaged.

24 Mar 2022

excellent ...


2 Mar 2022

One of the smallest pod s...

One of the smallest pod sticking out. Compared to 4iiii there is a lot more space between bike frame and crank pod. Works perfect.

7 Jan 2022

This is my 2nd purchase f...

This is my 2nd purchase from PowerMeterShop, and once again I'm very happy with it.
On the first time, I got a Stages powermeter for my road bike (FSA carbon left crank), and as I am very pleased with it, now I got this one to replace the GRX left crank on my gravel bike.
Works perfectly, and once again 10 stars for PowerMeterShop and 10 stars for Stages!

10 Apr 2021

Very good communication f...

Very good communication fast delivery

6 Apr 2021

5 star. ...

5 star.

28 Mar 2021

Good customer support ...

Good customer support

19 Mar 2021

Excellent product, Very e...

Excellent product, Very easy to install and connect

17 Mar 2021

Buon prodotto, rispetta l...

Buon prodotto, rispetta le aspettative

5 Mar 2021

Fast shiping and PM works...

Fast shiping and PM works great with my Garmin Edge 530.

25 Feb 2021

Very good price and fast ...

Very good price and fast delivery. Product worked great although I had to change crank length in settings on android app.

4 Feb 2021

Just what I was expecting...

Just what I was expecting!

25 Jan 2021

Very quick, excellent...

Very quick, excellent

25 Nov 2020

Good price and fast shipp...

Good price and fast shipping!

15 Nov 2020

Quick service. Arrived as...

Quick service. Arrived as expected and functions well. Thank you!

28 Oct 2020

on time, product ok, stag...

on time, product ok, stages superb

5 Oct 2020

Very fast delivery and gr...

Very fast delivery and great value for reasonable price

8 Jun 2020

Excellent product!...

Excellent product!

27 Apr 2020

Great service. ...

Great service.

18 Feb 2020

Shipping was fast. The pr...

Shipping was fast. The product is flawless.

30 Jun 2019

Epic item

I have the item from this shop nearly a month now and I am more than happy with it, the delivery was as shift as possible and the power meter works perfectly, and has very accurate data I highly recommend it to any one that needs an accurate analysis of data from a left based crank thanks a lot