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Assioma DUO Power Meter B-Stock


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B-Stock with Full Warranty Return that may have slight traces of use. The Favero Assioma... more
Assioma DUO Power Meter B-Stock

B-Stock with Full Warranty
Return that may have slight traces of use.

The Favero Assioma DUO power meter is a double-sided pedal powermeter. The left and right leg are measured completely independently of each other. The left-right distribution and other parameters of the pedaling motion can be displayed directly on the bike computer. The Assioma DUO powermeter is based on the Look Keo system. It is also available in a single leg version, the Assioma UNO.

We are often asked about the version of the Assioma Duo Powermeter: We exclusively sell the updated 2022 version with black springs!

Highlights and Downsides

  • dual-sided power measurement with high accuracy (± 1%)
  • rechargeable battery (50h operating time)
  • integrated cadence measurement
  • IAV Cycling Dynamics
  • low weight (300g for both pedals)
  • excellent durability (low complaint rate)
  • spare parts available (easy replacement of bearings or pedal body)
  • plug 'n play and easy to switch between bikes
  • works with many bike computers and smartphones (ANT+ & Bluetooth)
  • can only be used with Look Keo compatible cleats (but there is also a version for SPD-SL)
  • in a crash, the bike usually lands on the pedal
  • with large cycling shoes shoe can touch the sensor (shims might help)

Dual-sided measurement

With the Assioma Duo, both pedals are equipped with measurement electronics. Therefore, power and force distribution can be measured individually for each leg. Especially in the case of muscular imbalances, you have a clear advantage with the dual-sided Assioma Duo. This makes the Duo particularly suitable for ambitious riders who want exact power readings and want to learn more about their pedaling technique.
For beginners and riders with a tight budget who can live without the last few percentages of accuracy, the single-sided Assioma Uno is a good alternative.

Compatible bike computers and smartphones

ANT+ capable bike computers (Garmin, Wahoo, O-Synce, Sigma, SRM, etc.) work without problems with the Assioma. Since the data transmission of the Assioma also takes place via Bluetooth Smart, the power meter can also be paired with smartphones.

Compatible bikes

The Assioma Duo power meter can generally be used with any bike (road bike, gravel bike, trekking bike, etc.). However, you should refrain from hard off-road use. You also need cycling shoes with a 3-hole standard in order to mount the Assioma cleats.


The cleats are based on the Look Keo standard. To be able to mount the cleats on the shoes, road shoes with 3-hole standard are required. Original Look Keo cleats can be used with the Assioma. However, we recommend the original Assioma cleats. In our experience, they last much longer and walking is more stable and comfortable with the Assioma cleats.

Rechargeable battery

The battery life of the Assioma Duo has been increased from 30 hours of it's predecessor bePRO up to 50 hours. To charge the batteries, the pedals remain mounted on the bike. The included charging cable is simply clicked on the pedal with a magnetic connector.

Construction and design

The profile of the power meter housing has been flattened to minimize the likelihood of the shoe coming into contact with the sensor. The goal in developing the Assioma was also to make it even more rugged and durable than the previous model. The powermeter is waterproof and dustproof.


The weight of the complete Assioma Duo power meter pedals is lower than many other pedals without a power meter - the set of Assioma pedals weighs less than 300g including the batteries!


We were able to confirm the excellent measurement accuracy of +-1% several times on our calibrated Cyclus II ergometer in the laboratory and in comparison with other power meters on the road.

Oval chainrings

The Assioma Duo can be used with oval chainrings without restriction. The measurement is not affected by errors caused by very irregular pedaling (e.g. uphill sprints) or oval chainrings. This is because Assioma can determine the actual instantaneous angular velocity throughout the pedal stroke, providing high accuracy under all conditions.

IAV Cycling Dynamics

With Cycling Dynamics you get an in-depth look at your pedaling technique. In addition to the obligatory power readings, the following data is also transmitted:

- Power Balance (left/right distribution)
- Cadence
- Torque Effectiveness (percentage of force on the pedal that is effective for propulsion)
- Pedal Smoothness (uniformity of force distribution during pedal stroke)
- Power Phase (part of the pedal stroke in which the most power is applied to the pedal)
- Rider Position (time spent sitting or standing)

Setup and firmware updates

A smartphone and the Assiom app (Android, IOS) are required for the initial setup and registration. The Assioma app is also required to install firmware updates. The settings of the powermeter (e.g. the crank length) can be conveniently made via a smartphone.


The installation is very simple - the Assioma pedals are simply screwed to the bike like normal pedals. A real plug 'n play power meter! The required tool (8mm Allen key) is included in the package. This also allows easy swapping between different bikes. In addition, the Assioma pedals can be taken on vacation or to a training camp and mounted on a rental bike.


The Assioma are rugged and sustainably constructed. They have the lowest complaint rate with our shop. The powermeters are modular and worn parts such as bearings or pedal bodies are easy to replace. In our experience, the Assioma are currently the best power meter pedals on the market.

Warranty and support

The Assioma Duo comes with a 2 year warranty. The pedals are produced by Favero in Italy. The Assioma are very reliable power meters. However, if there is ever a problem, Favero offers good and customer-oriented support. If the pedals are connected to the Assioma app, it is possible to start a remote fault diagnosis via the Internet and thus identify the problem. Often, a quick solution can be found without having to send in the pedals.


Sensor Location:

left and right pedal


± 1%


149,5g per pedals

Battery Life:



rechargeable lithium-ion

Wireless Technology:

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth v4.0)

Firmware Upgrades:

yes, via Bluetooth Smart with the Favero Assioma App



Power Range (Watts):

0 to 2000

Cadence range (rpm):


Operation Temperature:

-10/+60 °C

Water resistance:


max rider weight:


In the pack

✔ Assioma DUO power meter (left & right pedal)
✔ 2 Cleats, 6°
✔ 1 Battery charger incl. plug adapters (EU, US, UK, AU)
✔ 2 USB cable (2m)
✔ 2 magnetic connectors
✔ 4 washers for installation
✔ 8mm hex key
✔ User manual

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