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Assioma Power Meter - Favero announced the bePRO successor

assioma_favero_power_meterToday, Favero has announced the Assioma Powermeter as the successor of the bePRO pedals.

Favero wants to continue and improve the principle of the bePRO Powermeter under the illustrious name Assioma.

According to Favero, the Assioma pedals are simply screwed on just like other pedals. No more alignment or dynamic calibration.

The USB port on the pedal has been removed - the batteries are now charged using a magnetic connector (as with the SRM PC8).

The bePRO was often faced with the issue of the shoe making contact with the sensor and incorrect values being measured, or worse, the sensor becoming damaged (especially with particularly wide shoes and cleats). This should now be a thing of the past due to a flattening of the transmitter.

The battery life has been increased to 50h and the Assioma can now  be controlled with Bluetooth Smart. With the new Smartphone app, settings and firmware updates can be carried out easily using a smartphone. If problems arise, the new app should allow Favero's technicians to analyse the error or perform a remote diagnosis.

Higher production costs has meant that the price of the two-sided system has increased slightly compared to the bePRO (RRP €799 vs. €749 VAT incl. VAT). The one-sided version still has an RRP of €499 incl. VAT on the same level.

A test device is not yet available at this time. Once Favero provides us with a device, we will test it thoroughly and post the results in our blog.

The first Assioma Powermeter will be delivered in July. We have pre-ordered a large quantity and hope that this time there will be no supply bottleneck on the part of Favero.

The Assioma Powermeter can be pre-ordered right now from us:

-> Assioma DUO Power Meter

-> Assioma UNO Power Meter

Conclusion: According to the official information and after our discussions with Favero, the Assioma seems to have all the strengths of the bePRO and be improved in the right places. We are excited for it!



Sensor Location:

left and right pedal (DUO); left pedal (UNO)


± 2%


149,5g per pedal

Battery Life:



rechargeable lithium-ion

Wireless Technology:

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth v4.0)

Firmware Upgrades:

via Bluetooth Smart with the Favero Assioma App



Power range:

0 to 2000 Watt

Cadence range:

30-180 upm

Operation Temperature:

-10° to +60° C

Water resistance:



* required

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